5 reasons why you should not start a startup

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5 reasons why you should not start a startup:

1 Not ready for the commitment

  • Like travel around the world
  • Enjoy a comfy 9-5
  • Startup is not for you
  • You need to work really hard

2 Need structure

  • If you need someone to telling you what to do, don’t start a startup
  • Founder or early member must be self-directed, independently minded

3 Fear of uncertainty

  • Take too much time considering between starting a startup vs working at big firm
  • If your focus about salary raises, EPF, perks, insurance
  • You probably not ready

4 You want to be the boss

  • It work quite the opposite
  • You need to work for your investors, co-founder, employees, customers

5 No Vision

  • Usually we build a startup to solve a problem that we are facing
  • Founders without strong vision, without big conviction around the opportunity, simply can’t endure all the obstacles of the roller coaster ride that is a modern startup and they end up giving up
  • The founders with strong, massive vision can’t stop; they can’t resist the pull of the vision

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